I've been fortunate enough to meet and make friends with all sorts of people while out and about around the world.  I've mentioned most of them on the relevant photo pages, but would also like to mention and give credit to websites that I've found a great help over the years.

AntAnt Clifford - Creative Stream

Ant helped create this site as he is a good friend and has a similar passion for nature and photography although he's stuck back in the UK (at least for now) because he has a large young family including four boys! Ant plans on taking all his kids on rainforest adventures when they grow up a bit.
Visit the Creative Stream website.


The following is a list of books I simply couldn't be without.  There are a lot of field guides about these days, as well as some excellent guides online (see above).  It always pays to search around a bit to find a book that suits you; these are my favourites though!

Coming soon...