Nature Profiles

Arizona Plants

Cacti and Succulents of the Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert is synonymous with cacti, and a wide diversity of species can be seen here.

Herbaceous Flora of the Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert occupies the central and south-western third of Arizona. It is lower in elevation than the Chihuahuan & Mojave deserts and hence has a milder climate, although snow can fall in extreme winters.

Trees, Shrubs & Ferns of the Sonoran Desert

The climate of the Sonoran Desert presents a huge challenge to plant life - each species must be tough enough to withstand high temperatures in summer, and months without any rain. Many plants have achieved this, and thrive in this corner of Arizona.

Flora of the Pine-Oak Woodlands

Various forms of pine-oak woodland cover many of Arizona's mountain ranges. The range of species varies with location, elevation and aspect. Arizona's mountains mark the boundary of the Madrean and Rocky Mountain floras.

Flora of Riparian Areas & Grasslands

Grasslands in Arizona tend to be at high altitude, with a flora resembling that of the colder Chihuahuan Desert. Riparian areas are oases of life - these tree-lined habitats have a rich flora more typical of the cooler Rocky Mountains and eastern states.