Nature Profiles

Arizona Reptiles

Arizona is the most diverse state in the United States in terms of reptile species.  Different areas of the state harbour different suites of species - Sonoran Desert specialists in the south, Sierra Madrean & Chihuahuan rarities in the south-east, Mojave Desert denizens in the west, and Great Basin Desert animals in the north.

Snakes of Arizona

Arizona can boast 54 species of snake - the most for any state in the US. It is most famous for the rattlesnakes, of which there are 13 species in Arizona. Less well known are the remaining 41 species of snake, many of which are small, harmless nocturnal desert dwellers.

Turtles & Tortoises of Arizona

Arizona has several turtle and tortoise species.

Lizards of Arizona

Lizards are easily seen in just about any habitat in Arizona. There are over 50 species native to the state, from the common and conspicuous fence lizards to secretive and rarely seen mountain skinks, and of course, the world-famous Gila Monster.