Nature Profiles

Australian Birds

Australia is most famous for its parrots, and righly so in my opinion.  To a European like me, the country is conspicuous for its relative lack of songbirds, and I can quite understand why early settlers ended up bringing some with them!  However, there are many other interesting groups, from the beautiful tropical kingfishers to the many different honeyeaters.


Every habitat in Australia has a characterstic set of parrots, from city parks to the arid Outback. 54 parrot species are found in Australia, with 34 of these found in South Australia, although the distributions of some only just enter the extreme corners of the state.

Wattlebirds & Honeyeaters

Honeyeaters and Wattlebirds are members of the family Meliphagidae, which is highly developed in Australia. These birds are nectar-feeders, and play a vital role in the pollination of many Australian shrubs and trees, especially in the families Proteaceae and Myrtaceae. 37 species from this family occur in South Australia - some scarce birds of the arid interior, and others widespread birds of eucalypt woodland.

Birds of the Coast

With such as extensive coastline, Australia has a diverse community of coastal birds from oceanic albatrosses, to the waders, herons and egrets of intertidal zones.

Birds of Prey

Australia's raptor fauna is not especially diverse given its large size, with just 26 species. Nonetheless, birds of prey are conspicuous on many journeys through inland Australia, from the majestic Wedge-tailed Eagle, to the smaller, elegant harriers.

Other birds

This section has my photos of all those birds that don't fit into the other sections!