Nature Profiles

Australian Butterflies

Australia's largely arid climate mean that it does not have a particularly well-developed butterfly fauna when compared with other parts of the world.  The one area where this does not apply is tropical northern Queensland however, which has a rainforest butterfly fauna every bit as spectacular as the Amazon.  One of the world's largest butterflies, the Cairns Birdwing, can be found here.

Butterflies of South Australia

Butterflies in South Australia have very different habits to those here in Britain. South Australia has no flower meadows, and few plants flower in the summer because of the lack of rainfall. Because of this, many butterflies stay in the treetops to feed on eucalypt nectar. This is especially true for the Lycaenids, whose larvae feed on mistletoes, often in gum trees. There is a good variety of species in South Australia, especially in the wetter south of the state. Read more about a few of them in this section!

Butterflies of Victoria

Only one photo in here - I'll make another trip to get some more one day!