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English Bryophytes

England has a smaller number of bryophyte species than Scotland, but there is still plenty to keep a beginner like me busy!  Every habitat has a distinctive community of mosses associated with it, from woodlands, to arable fields, to acidic moorland.

Liverworts of Derbyshire

Derbyshire has a wide variety of liverwort species, especially in the wetter upland areas of the Peak District. In total, 121 species have been found in the last 25 years, almost half of the total number of British species.

Mosses of Derbyshire part 1

Derbyshire's moss flora is diverse, with around 390 species recorded in the last 25 years - just over half the number of species in Britain as a whole. I'm very grateful to Tom Blockeel, who has given endless assistance with identifications and sites to visit!

Mosses of Derbyshire part 2

The original single Derbyshire mosses page has expanded into three pages, and this second page illustrates and describes members of the Seligeriales, Encalyptales, Funariales, Bryales, Orthotrichales and Hookeriales.

Mosses of Derbyshire part 3

This final section contains all the Hypnales.

Bryophytes of Cumbria

The focal point for bryophytes in Cumbria is the Lake District, where the wide range of habitats and elevations leads to one of the most diverse assemblages of mosses and liverworts in Britain. Elsewhere, other less well-known sites add to the region's diversity and interest.

Bryophytes of other areas of northern England

This small section of the site contains images & descriptions of bryophytes from Staffordshire and Yorkshire.

Bryophytes of Dorset

Dorset's heathlands are a great place to find a wide range of mosses, many of them scarce in England. The rest of the county also has a good range of species, some of them extremely rare Mediterranean species not found elsewhere in Britain.