Nature Profiles

New Zealand Birds

New Zealand's remaining native birds are witnesses to a sad history of extinction at the hands of human settlers.  In many areas of the country, the only birds commonly seen are the introduced European species.  However, remote areas and island sanctuaries offer opportunities to see and hear New Zealand's birds as they would once have lived.

Keas, Kakas & Kakariki

Keas are one of the iconic New Zealand birds, and their cheeky antics and sociable nature make them extremely engaging subjects to watch. Kakas are their forest cousins, with a shyer disposition but equally vocal and enchanting.

Birds of the Coast

New Zealand's long coastline and southerly position has endowed it with a rich selection of coastal birds, from the albatrosses which come and go in its waters to the resident breeding penguins and gulls.

Other birds

This section is basically the 'not keas, kakas or coastal birds' section - there are tuis, bellbirds and a few other species in here.