Nature Profiles

Other British Wildlife

This ever-expanding section generally includes all the 'odds and ends' I see when I'm out and about finding other things!

Grasshoppers and their Relatives

Britain has 11 species of grasshopper and 11 bush-crickets. While some are very common and widespread, others are highly localised creatutes found only in specific habitats.

Beetles of Britain

There are almost 4000 species of beetle (Coleoptera) found in Britain. Some are tiny, whilst other are more impressive, culminating in the spectacular Stag Beetle, now sadly threatened by habitat loss and changes in woodland management.

Miscellaneous insects

This section has a hotch-potch of insect photos from all sorts of places. Hopefully I'll be getting more photos, as well as improving on some of the ones already here!

British Arachnids

Britain has a diverse arachnid fauna, with nearly 650 spider species, 22 harvestmen and almost 30 pseudoscorpions. In southern England, true scorpions have become naturalised around ports, after stowing away on incoming ships.

Other British Wildlife

A mixture of other creatures that haven't been granted the privilege of their own section yet!