Nature Profiles

Scottish Bryophytes

Scotland is a globally significant area for bryophytes, with a very diverse flora.  Its mountains hold many rare arctic-alpine species, and the cool temperate rainforest of the west coast has an often luxuriant growth of milder-climate species.

Liverworts of Ben Lawers NNR

Ben Lawers is a wonderful site for finding rare upland liverworts. Approximately 170 species are found on the Ben Lawers range, making it one of the most diverse areas for bryophytes in Britain.

Mosses of Ben Lawers NNR part 1

The original Bryophytes section got too big, so the mosses of this incredible place now have a section all to themselves!

Mosses of Ben Lawers NNR part 2

The great diversity of species here has necessitated a second section!

Liverworts of other areas of Scotland

Scotland is home to a wider range of liverworts than any other area in the British Isles, and is internationally important for its 'hepatic mat assemblage' of robust oceanic liverworts.

Mosses of other areas of Scotland part 1

The photos in this ever-expanding section are from various other travels in Scotland.

Mosses of other areas of Scotland part 2

This section contains all the Hypnales photographed on my travels in Scotland.