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Spanish Plants

Spain has a large and varied flora, given its great variety of habitats at different elevations, from the high alpine peaks of the Pyrenees to the hot dry coastal areas of the south.  Its long isolation as a peninsula has also led to the evolution of many endemic species and subspecies, making Spain (and Portugal) and real botanical treasure trove.

Flora of the Cordillera Cantabrica

The Cordillera Cantabrica divides the mild, wet north coast of Spain from the hot, dry Mediterranean plateau to the south. The mountains are rich and varied botanically, sharing part of their flora with the Pyrenees further east, but also having their own endemic species.

Flora of the Cordillera Cantabrica part 2

This overflow section contains all the photos of monocots and ferns, as well as several other plant families.

Flora of the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees represent one of the most wonderful areas for botanical exploration in Europe. The mixture of traditionally managed alpine pastures, high limestone peaks and richly forested valleys endow the Pyrenees with a vast array of different species.

Flora of the Galician coast

The Galician coast is typified by long sandy shores and dune systems in the south, and rocky outcrops in the north. The flora of the southern coast is typical of Mediterranean Europe, with several species reaching their north-western limit here.

Spanish Bryophytes

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