Nature Profiles

Spanish Reptiles & Amphibians

Spain has a fascinating and varied herpetofauna, thanks to its geographical position and long isolation as a peninsula.  The topography of the country also plays a part, and any area of the country will have a decent selction of species to encounter; central and northern European species find refuges in the mountains of the north, whilst warmth-loving African species find a foothold in the far south.

Lizards of Spain

Twenty-eight species of lizards are currently recognised from Spain, with six endemic species and several others with the vast majority of their range in the country.

Snakes of Spain

Spain has an interesting snake fauna of 13 species, including several endemics. As is typical with snakes, even though they are widespread in Spain, they are not easily seen, and coming across one invariably involves being in the right place at the right time!

Amphibians of Spain

Despite its largely dry climate, Spain has a well-developed amphibian fauna of 9 newts & salamanders, and 19 frogs & toads, with a mixture of typical Mediterranean species in the south, and temperate European species further north.